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undergraduate majors and programs

Only here can you study a variety of disciplines by taking classes at any of our five colleges to create a path tailored to your passions and interests. Discover more about our 45 undergraduate majors and programs, explore the wide range of minors available across the university, and see examples of students’ unique major and minor combinations.

1. Diploma in Nautical Science

The Diploma in Nautical Science is a rigorous program designed for individuals aspiring
to become competent Deck Officers in the merchant navy. This comprehensive course encompasses
theoretical and practical training in navigation, meteorology, seamanship, and maritime law.

Students undergo simulation exercises to develop decision-making skills in real-world scenarios. The curriculum is aligned with international maritime standards, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for responsible roles aboard ships.

2. B.Tech in Marine Engineering

The B.Tech in Marine Engineering program is an in-depth exploration of marine
propulsion systems, thermodynamics, and engineering principles. Students undergo extensive handson training in state-of-the-art engine rooms and workshops. The curriculum covers marine systems,
ship construction, and maintenance, ensuring graduates possess the technical acumen required for
dynamic careers as Marine Engineers.


3. Marine Engineering (GME) Course

The Marine Engineering (GME) Course is a postgraduate program for engineering graduates seeking specialized knowledge in marine engineering. The curriculum includes advanced subjects such as marine power plants, control engineering, and maritime regulations. Graduates are equipped with the skills necessary for leadership roles as Marine Engineers.