• Admissions Open for 2024

    GP Rating Course in India

    Join the Merchant Navy, where every sunrise is a promise of new experiences, every sunset a reflection of the challenges overcome, and every starlit night a Canvas painted with the dreams of those who dare to sail.

  • Admissions Open for 2024

    Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)

    To those with the spirit of adventure, the heart of dreamer, and the courage of a sailor - the Merchant Navy beckons, inviting you to write your own story on the pages of the boundless ocean

  • Admissions open for 2024

    Onboard Training Program

    Join us in shaping the future of maritime excellence, where your dedication becomes the compass guiding the course of your personal and professional success.

    About Oceans Pride Maritime

    At Oceans Pride Maritime, we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills, build a network of industry contacts, and gain real-world experience. You’ll have the opportunity to generate innovative design and business solutions.

    Merchant Navy Courses

    Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)

    The Diploma in Nautical Science is a rigorous program designed for individuals aspiring to become competent Deck Officers in the merchant navy.

    B.Tech in Marine Engineering

    The B.Tech in Marine Engineering program is an in-depth exploration of marine propulsion systems, thermodynamics, and engineering principles. 

    Marine Engineering (GME) Course

    The Marine Engineering (GME) Course is a postgraduate program for engineering graduates seeking specialized knowledge in marine engineering.

    Pre-Sea Training for Deck Cadets

    Pre-Sea Training for Deck Cadets is a foundational course covering navigation, meteorology, and ship handling. 

    Practical training includes extensive use of simulators, ensuring cadets gain hands-on experience in a controlled environment. 

    GP Rating

    The GP Rating Course is tailored for individuals aspiring to join the merchant navy as General Purpose Ratings. 

    This course provides foundational skills in deck and engine room tasks, including cargo handling, maintenance, and safety procedures.

    Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) Course

     The Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) Course is designed for individuals with a keen interest in electrical and electronic systems on ships.

    This program covers advanced topics in marine electrical systems, automation, and troubleshooting.




    Oceans Pride Maritime shaped my maritime journey with top-notch education and a supportive environment. Their programs exceeded my expectations, and the faculty's dedication was evident. The job assistance services and internship opportunities made my transition from student to professional seamless. Even post-graduation, the continuous support and industry updates keep me connected. Proud to be an Oceans Pride Maritime alum!

    Aditya Sharma 2023-08-07

    "Choosing Oceans Pride Maritime was the key to unlocking my maritime career. The supportive faculty, industry exposure, and seamless transition to work life made all the difference. I couldn't have asked for a better start!"

    Nandini Patel 2023-05-17

    "At Oceans Pride Maritime, education is an experience. The programs are designed for real-world success, and the internship opportunities provide a taste of the industry. The job assistance services are a testament to their commitment to every student's career journey. Proud to be an Oceans Pride graduate!"

    Arjun Singh 2023-12-18

    "Oceans Pride Maritime offers more than education; it's a pathway to success. The faculty's dedication, practical learning experiences, and robust job assistance services make it a standout choice. My journey from student to professional was smooth, thanks to the unwavering support at Oceans Pride."

    Meera Verma 2023-10-30

    "From classrooms to the sea, Oceans Pride Maritime shaped my career in the best possible way. The internship experiences provided real-world insights, and the job assistance services transformed my career path. I recommend Oceans Pride to anyone seeking not just education but a thriving career in the maritime industry."

    Vikram Khanna 2023-09-04

    Oceans Pride Maritime stands out for its practical approach to education. The faculty's dedication and the career support services helped me land a job in my desired field. Proud to be associated with an institution that truly cares about student success."

    Karan Malhotra 2023-07-10

    "Choosing Oceans Pride Maritime was a career-defining decision. The programs are designed for success, and the job assistance services provided the necessary guidance. The continuous support post-graduation is a testament to their commitment to student welfare."

    Ravi Kapoor 2023-05-22

    "Oceans Pride Maritime delivers more than just education; it creates career opportunities. The industry connections I made during my time there were instrumental in securing employment. The support doesn't end with graduation – it's a lifelong partnership."

    Rohan Choudhary 2023-03-07

    Oceans Pride Maritime's commitment to student success is evident in every aspect. The faculty's dedication, the focus on real-world skills, and the continuous support make it a standout choice. My journey from student to professional was seamless, thanks to Oceans Pride."

    Siddharth Mehra 2023-11-23

    "Choosing Oceans Pride Maritime was the best decision for my maritime education. The hands-on training and supportive environment prepared me well for the industry. The job assistance services made my transition into the workforce smooth. Grateful to be an Oceans Pride graduate!"

    Tanvi Singh 2023-11-23



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